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Lifestyle Coaching In London

Lifestyle coaching is a unique aspect of our personal training model that has grown out of years of experience from training hundreds of clients. We believe it’s a crucial cog in the journey towards a better body and a healthier lifestyle.

Training Costs

London life is busy and stressful whether you work, have your own business, have children, travel a lot or all of the above it can be difficult to implement consistent exercise and nutrition into your life. Looking great and being healthy for a few months doing that for the rest of your life is more challenging and that’s where lifestyle coaching comes in.

Goal Setting

Goals setting is a key. We need to be clear exactly what your goal is, what your motivational drivers are. Simply saying you want to loose a certain amount of weight is not enough, we and you need to know why and then discuss the impact that will have on your life both short and long term.


Nutrition is 80% of the battle and each client is unique in the way we work with nutrition. We will always suggest you work with a professional nutritionist because you deserve the best but if that is not an option then we will help you to build a plan that is specific to you.

Exercise Planning

We need you exercising a minimum of three times a week, that’s what’s required for you to get fit and stay fit. We recognize not everyone can work with a personal training 3 times a week so we plan what else you can be doing outside of the booked sessions in order to keep fit. This maybe researching a local dance class or finding a fitness DVD that you can do on your own, or maybe planning a route for you to run, whatever it is, it will be something that works for you and that you get some enjoyment from.


We all have reasons not to exercise, too tired, too much work, social commitments, children, the list goes on, but there is always a solution to these barriers and we work with you to look at why you didn’t exercise or why you chose to overeat and then between us we work through that so that the next time you are faced with the same situation or thought you know exactly what to do.

We have trained every type of client you can think of and have heard every type of reason

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