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Paul Chipp

Paul Chipp Personal TrainerPaul a key part of the Tim Hayes Fitness brand and has been a personal trainer since 2001. He coaches, trains and mentors clients across various areas of the south, central and north London. He works within an exceptional team of like-minded people who have set out to redefine personal training and change client’s lives.

As an educator and Mentor for Faster Global, one of the most forward thinking science driven education companies in the fitness world, Paul is one of the most qualified personal trainers in the industry and continues to attend several education courses per year to keep ahead of the market.


  • Diploma in personal Training (Premier Global)
  • Sports Massage therapy (Premier Global)
  • Scientific Back and Core conditioning  (CHEK institute)
  • Advanced functional trainer (Faster Global)
  • Assess Coach Train (Faster Global)
  • Stop turn accelerate (Faster Global)
  • Specialist in Golf performance (Faster Global)
  • Specialist in Functional Therapy (Faster Global)
  • Specialist in Functional Performance (Faster Global)
  • Training in Tension (Faster Global)
  • Obsessed about energy systems (Faster Global)

Paul understands the challenges his clients face with time, family, work and having a social life.

“ Simply turning up and training a client isn’t enough for me, coaching my clients to make healthier desicisons outside of my sesssions is key in developing a programme of action that fits my clients individual needs and delivers exceptional results” ~ Paul Chipp

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