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Female Fitness – Ines Garcia Case Study

Since my career in the fitness industry started in 2005 I would say 80 percent of my clients have been females. I worked closely with Elite modeling agency In London prepping models for shows as well as travelling with princesses and a presidential daughter, my core client base however, has,[…]

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Are You Getting The Results You Want?

A month into 2016 I wanted to give you some advice on getting the results you may have wanted to achieve this year with regards to your fitness and fat loss. Having been a fitness trainer for 11 years and worked with thousands of clients this blog is based on[…]

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HIIT High Intensity Interval Training Benefits

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a type of training that is time efficient and it will send your body into fat burning overdrive! If you do it right, twice the amount of calories on a weekly basis doing 4 sessions at 20-30 minutes per week. So lack of time[…]

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