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How To Have Long Lean Legs – Part 2

In Part 1 of how to have a Long Lean Legs, I finished with this quote: “This is where I have an issue with the term exercise, its created a culture that if we perform an exercise it will give everyone the same result, and this is simply not the[…]

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Long Lean Legs

How To Have Long Lean Legs – Part 1

Everyone wants a great ass, every single female client I have ever worked with has requested this in their consultation. For the purpose of this article I’m going to focus on working the ass and I’m going to use squats and lunges as examples of how not to get a[…]

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Belly Fat Loss

How to lose Belly Fat

Introduction The first thing to remember about fat loss is that it must be, without exception, specific to your body type and your lifestyle. Simply following a diet that someone has written in a magazine or book will not necessarily give you the same results as the models or people[…]

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How to Run a 10K

There are dozens of good reasons why this distance is great not to mention the sense of achievement. 10 km at a steady pace will take about an hour and is a good distance to say that you “can do”. It is far enough that you have to put some[…]

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Functional Fitness – Nick Compten Case Study

Functional fitness has been a buzz word for many years . For many it means using body weight or ‘functional’ training equipment such as a kettlebell or a TRX to do exercises with. Back in the day I fell into this trap and thought because I used different training tools[…]

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Female Fitness – Ines Garcia Case Study

Since my career in the fitness industry started in 2005 I would say 80 percent of my clients have been females. I worked closely with Elite modeling agency In London prepping models for shows as well as travelling with princesses and a presidential daughter, my core client base however, has,[…]

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Are You Getting The Results You Want?

A month into 2016 I wanted to give you some advice on getting the results you may have wanted to achieve this year with regards to your fitness and fat loss. Having been a fitness trainer for 11 years and worked with thousands of clients this blog is based on[…]

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HIIT High Intensity Interval Training Benefits

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a type of training that is time efficient and it will send your body into fat burning overdrive! If you do it right, twice the amount of calories on a weekly basis doing 4 sessions at 20-30 minutes per week. So lack of time[…]

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