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Personal Training Wimbledon

Wimbledon is always associated with tennis, strawberries and cream and, of course Henman Hill. Now we can add quality personal training to Wimbledon’s world wide reputation. If you need to work on your fitness and this is the area you live or work in, then Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness will blitz through the calm and tranquility of Wimbledon Common to offer you well-structured sessions against a natural backdrop. Forget the same four walls of a traditional gym surroundings, breathe in some fresh air while undertaking some serious cardio vascular work. It’s a brilliant way to get the best from your body.

Working outside can add variety to a personal training regime and our trainers are experienced enough to understand the need for goal setting, variety and the need to push the body just that little bit harder without injury. If you are looking for a personal trainer in Wimbledon then we are ready to step in.

In such a sporting area such as Wimbledon, finding personal training that will really make a difference is a real bonus and will combine convenience, experience and motivation to make your personal fitness goals so much easier to achieve.

For more information on personal training in Wimbledon or any other area please fill in the form to the right or call us on020 7096 9396