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Personal Training In Clapham Common

With its ponds and 220 acres of grassland there is plenty of space and variety of terrain including two mounds on the Battersea Rise side of the common which are simply left over from the second world war storage bunkers, Clapham is certainly an invigorating and challenging place to begin or advance your personal training.

For personal training Clapham Common SW4, the common itself is a brilliant location in every sense. Personal training should be easily scheduled, fun, challenging and structured and all this can be achieved with Tim Hayes as your personal trainer. The beauty is, this area is also very close to transport links thus easy access is assured.

If you crave fresh air or wide open spaces and live or work near Clapham Common this is the perfect place for personal training sessions and to a profound sense of well-being. Harness nature, the latest fitness techniques and your very own personal training in Clapham today. Working out in a gym will never seem the same again.

Do your body a favour and step out onto Clapham Common with Tim Hayes as your personal trainer and it will be one decision you make in 2012 which you will never regret. It may well change your life.

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