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Personal Training, Regents Park

Regents Park is a beautiful setting to get fit. There are many quiet corners to train, as long as you don’t mind the occasional visit by some wildlife.

The parks circumference and quiet roads lends itself as a great area to work on your cardiovascular fitness. At the primrose hill side of the park there is an excellent running track adding a further dimension to your sessions if needed.

Personal training in Regents Park is one of our favourite places to work with clients due to the beautiful surroundings – its hard to believe you are in London.

“Personal training in Regents Park has been amazing. I was getting frustrated with the overcrowding at my gym, and to be outside exercising at lunch time gives me a great release from work. These guys mean business so if you are looking for genuine results and no small talk I would highly recommend them.” (Personal Training Regents Park)

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