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Personal Training, Hampstead Heath

We have been personal training in hampstead heath since 2007 and have an established client base ranging from stay at home mums, executives, models and high profile clients. Having lived in both North and South london i have settled in west hampstead and have to say that Hampstead Heath is by far the most beautiful space in london.

Personally the autumn and winter months are the most special for me and I love getting up seeing the sun rise over parliament hill with my dog, there is nothing more beautiful. We must enjoy life, we must make the most out of it and being healthy and being fit is paramount to that. As a personal training company we try to get as many people as possible out on the heath, training and utilising the spaces they live in, its far more interesting than running on a treadmill indoors.

I have worked in gyms and personally i don’t like the gym environment. Gyms can often get overcrowded and to some people can be quote intimidating, not to mention the time it takes to get there, or the frustration of having to sort out childcare. So personal training in hampstead heath is about us coming to you, doing a thorough consultation to understand what you really want and how you are going to get there.

We bring a wide range of equipment with us and dont worry, if its too cold or raining then we can train you at your home, we have been doing mobile personal training for 8 years so we know what we are doing, below is a success story but for more see our success stories page, or simply get in touch and we can tell you how we can help.

Helen 37 – Personal Training on Hampstead Heath

I worked with a personal trainer at virgin active on the finchley road and had fun but never really felt i was getting any real results. I got in touch with Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness because i wanted something different and had heard good things. I’m not sure if personal training is the right description for this company they are far more than that. I have to say i am a very happy customer, and i have fun personal training on Hampstead Heath, we use trx, kettlebells and they variety is amazing, use this company 🙂