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Are you Spiritualty Fit? – Drug Addiction My Story

Just For today

I’ve wanted to write this blog for many years but always feared judgment. So many of us are worried about what others think, or rather, what we perceive others to think we don’t allow ourselves to just be.

February 11th 2005 I checked myself into Rehab in London for drug addiction. I graduated in 2000 with a BSc Hons and worked in the city. Over the course of 5 years my drinking and drugging got more destructive. I was consumed with the London lifestyle and obsession to have more. I was empty and soulless, I couldn’t stop. I was broken.

I’m not proud of how I allowed myself to fall into drug addiction but having been in recovery since 2005, I have learnt a great deal about myself, human nature and what it means to be spiritually fit.

My biggest lesson has been to live just for today, it’s all I have, I can’t worry about yesterday and there is nothing I can do about tomorrow. Naturally my recovery is more important to me than anything because without it I have nothing, and whilst this may not directly apply to you, the principles I live by will benefit you massively.

Spiritual Fitness


We can become consumed by success, money, immaterial wealth (false pride) and aesthetic or fitness goals that are either unachievable or in many cases unsustainable. Going after a fitness goal that is achievable, and most importantly sustainable is crucial.

Getting fit, staying fit or achieving an aesthetic goal isn’t easy. Putting a fitness routine on top of a lifestyle that doesn’t not support this, wont last.

Work, family life, social commitments, relationships, sleep, stress, all play a part in you living the day how you want to live. Remember changing your lifestyle isn’t easy, it takes time to learn new patterns of behaviour. Be aware of where you are at in your life and what you want to achieve. Be humble.

Spiritual Fit Solutions

Before you go to sleep, review your day:

  • Were you present, or were you worrying about the past of the future?
  • Did you achieve what you set out to achieve?
  • How was your nutrition?
  • If you needed to exercise did you manage that?
  • What, if anything got in the way?
  • What solutions can you put in place tomorrow?
  • When you wake up in the morning spend 5 minuets thinking about the day ahead.
  • What is it you need to do today?
  • Do you need to exercise?
  • What does nutrition need to look like today?
  • What do you need to put into place to achieve those goals?

Goose Bumps

My personal journey has made me a more humble human being (most of the time:) a better coach to my clients and team of personal trainers.

In 2007 I completed my diploma in sports science, I wanted to pursue a more meaningful career. 2008 I set up www.timhayesfitness.co.uk. I wanted to build a personal training company that delivered high quality training and a level of service that was unrivalled.

When a client turns around to me, looks me in the eye having got their results, says thank you, that is why I do my job. It brings joy to my life, it nourishes my soul, its beautiful, it’s a privilege. I get goose bumps.

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