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Christmas Fitness

The festive season is in full flow, cake, booze, and parties. For many it’s a time of over indulgence, quickly followed by self-flagellation.


Accept What You Cannot Change

My top tip for staying fit over Christmas is this. Have your cake and eat it, accept you are at a time of year when its even harder to implement a healthy fitness and nutrition plan, with an increased social calendar and more cake and booze on offer, breath, relax its going to be ok, now is not the time to start giving yourself a hard time.

Tip – if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed go for a brisk walk or a run to clear the air, listen to yourself breathing, feel you body moving, accept.

Change The Things You Can

Emotional eating is in my opinion far bigger in most people than one would think. Stress and social pressures are high drivers to either eat too much or not eating enough.

Tip – Don’t give your self a hard time, accept you are going to overindulge this time of year, and putting a few lbs on is not the end of the world. So if you have made a decision to drink or eat cake then bloody accept it, what you can change is your thought process around this.

Know The Difference

Many use the New Year as an excuse to over indulge during the Christmas period, we drink and eat more under the false pretence that, next year will be different. It’s a great mind set to have but this requires action, changing your entire future in relation to being fitter and healthier, requires more than good intention and a gym membership, after all isn’t that what you did this year?

Tip – Keep a diary writing things down on paper really helps you SEE and reflect.

Think about what you want with regards to heath, fitness, and being happy and content with yourself and life. Ask yourself these questions.
What did I drink and eat today
What makes me happy, what doesn’t
What can I change
What can I do tomorrow, in relation to being fit and healthy.
Have I implemented change based on yesterday, what can I do to change

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